Your business relies on security.

Companies that manufacture goods and equipment are particularly prone to theft of information, especially for high-priced or high-demand items. Our services provide peace of mind for your sensitive data and ensure your information is safe and secure.

Online Security Training

Data breaches occur every day in the manufacturing industry, a majority of them affecting small to midsize businesses. Employees need to understand how to protect sensitive company data, and need training that is engaging and interesting.

Our security training is a cloud based portal with online training that employees go through at their own pace, including engaging training videos, security testing, training certificates and more.

Breach Prevention

Let us help you protect your business and data. Our security risk assessment will determine your threats analysis and risk determination. Our breach protection plan secures your devices, protects your network, creates clear policies and procedures, and secures your physical space.


Company policies are critical to maintaining compliance and operations. Even more critical is that your staff members read, understand and acknowledge the policies. With our cloud based system, your policies will be accessible by your employees. When they read, understand and acknowledge the policies, a log is updated showing their acceptance.