You Focus on Your Business, We’ll Focus on Getting Things Done

As a successful organization, you know that vital business systems will work as needed, and proactively maintain your computers and network. Taking a reactive approach to maintaining your IT networks is simply too costly in too many ways: lost productivity, dissatisfied customers and enormous repair costs. Our managed IT services are the smart, cost-effective alternative.

With our managed IT services, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a full team of IT specialists keeping your systems in excellent working order. We monitor your systems 24/7, apply patches, ensure backups, keep viruses at bay, and perform a host of other proactive measures. Little problems don’t become big — and expensive — and in most instances, you won’t even know there was ever an issue.

Online Security Training

Data breaches occur every day, and the majority of them directly affect small to midsize businesses. Employees need to understand how to protect sensitive company data, and need training that is engaging and interesting.

Our security training is a cloud based portal with online training that employees go through at their own pace, including engaging training videos, security testing, training certificates and more.

Breach Prevention

Let us help you protect your business and data. Our security risk assessment will determine your threats analysis and risk determination. Our breach prevention plan secures your devices, protects your network, creates clear policies and procedures, and secures your physical space.

IT Management

We’ll worry about technology, you can focus on your business. Our IT Management services provide network monitoring, help desk, business continuity and custom project work.

HIPAA Compliance

With our HIPAA Security Service, we perform your HIPAA and Meaningful Use Risk Assessment, write your policies and procedures, train your employees, and grant you access to our innovative, web-based compliance portal.

Our all-in-one HIPAA Compliance Service is the fastest, easiest and most inexpensive way to HIPAA compliance and gives you all the tools you need.