leading a remote workforce

Leading a Remote Workforce

The workplace landscape has changed and now more than ever it’s important to master leading a remote workforce. But what does this mean? Being a good leader means you have a clear vision, and a path to get there.  You empower others to contribute their piece of the vision. As a result, you build a team that feels significant and motivated.

Transparency is Key

So, now the question is how do you be a great leader with a remote workforce?  Managing remote employees changes the dynamic of leadership and requires an additional set of skills. The first of these is transparency. Communication and availability are key attributes to a successful remote leader.

The best leaders engage remote employees in frequent and authentic conversation. They intentionally schedule “touch-base” calls to ensure they are communicating frequently and effectively.  During these calls, don’t underestimate the basic but direct questions including “How are you doing”, “Is there anything frustrating you?” or “How can I help make your day more effective?”

Get creative in your communication, schedule virtual team coffees and happy hours and have special baskets delivered that go along with the theme. These types of activities go a long way in making your team feel engaged and connected even from afar. Regardless of the method, be mindful to communicate often and be transparent.


Set Clear Boundaries and Guidelines

Leaders should also prioritize the development of clear boundaries and guidelines. At its most basic level, this involves assisting employees in defining their availability.  Clearly define when the employee will be working, leaving no room for ambiguity. Also, what is the best way to reach the employee at home?  If additional personal challenges such as childcare and homeschooling are involved, how will the employee address these challenges?

The typical leadership characteristics still apply when leading remotely. A good leader will still need to understand team dynamics. He or she needs to create and communicate a clear vision.  Provide coaching and mentorship when needed.

 Effective Technology and Tools

 Whether you are thinking about going remote or already are, perform an IT audit to make sure you have all the necessary technology and tools to set your team up for success. These include but are not limited to:

  • Videoconferencing app
  • Mobile Hotspot
  • Remote Desktop
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project Management Software
  • Automation Tool
  • Team Chat App
  • Centralized File Sharing
  • Security Tools

Then you must ensure that all these tools are well integrated into your processes. For example, all customer notes must be documented for cross-company communication, sales quotes must be integrated with billing software, and so on.  It’s one thing to have the tools but it’s another to use them effectively.

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