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    Client Testimonials

    Hear How FocusPlanIT’s Clients Streamlined Their Business with ConnectWise Consulting

    “We originally got in touch with FocusPlanIT to on board our company in utilizing ConnectWise “A to Z.” We quickly realized FocusPlanIT could help us with ALL facets of ConnectWise.

    With conversations about how we want to do business, and not how they think we should do business, FocusPlanIT tailored ConnectWise to work in our environment — and help us combine all our billing and ticketing platforms into one single solution.

    One of the things we liked best about the services Bill’s team provided is that they tailored a solution that best fit our needs and not a pre-canned solution that just didn’t fit right.

    A nice surprise was the level of helpfulness was more like having a business consultant rather than a ConnectWise integrator. Very helpful and very knowledgeable!

    There is so much more to becoming efficient using systems then just what ConnectWise had to offer. FocusPlanIT helped with fruitful discussions and pros and cons to decisions we were making with the integration that lent itself to broader business process decisions.”

    Jason BrinkerCEO Technologies

    “We were having an excruciatingly painful time trying to implement ConnectWise. We spent countless hours trying to figure things out with nothing to show for it. FocusPlanIT came to the rescue and solved our problem 100%. I can’t stress that enough.

    In the beginning we were completely lost. We had chosen the ConnectWise Virtual Training, which was essentially access to the ConnectWise University video library. We were expected to understand how to implement ConnectWise by only applying what we saw in the videos. I remember to this day that I watched the 2 agreement videos they have in the library 3 times each. Both videos are 1 hour long, so I basically wasted 6 hours of my life and I couldn’t really comprehend how to set up agreements properly. It was very frustrating, because I have no problem with technical things, but this defeated me. After hiring FocusPlanIT to help us implement ConnectWise, we figure we easily saved over 200+ hours worth of time. It is by far and without question one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

    What I like best about the services provided is that they show us best practices on how to do things in ConnectWise and when we’re implementing something new, they don’t just say “this is how it’s done.” They take the time to explain WHY it’s done that way and how that can make things more streamlined in regards to other parts of ConnectWise.

    I would recommend FocusPlanIT 100%. As an IT service provider I don’t have time to figure out how to implement ConnectWise. I just need to know how to use it for my business.

    This experience has completely transformed our business. If I had to do it all over again, I would hire FocusPlanIT in a heartbeat.”

    Luis RiveraNocturnal Technologies

    “FocusPlanIT helped us with our Sell templates, and they solved the problems we were having. Results were a huge leap forward in the look and feel of our quotes.

    What we liked best was the one-on-one time spent designing the quote. In fact, I can not stress enough how much the hand holding by FocusPlanit helped. Also, a thorough review of our sell settings for best practices was an additional benefit we weren’t expecting.”

    Reuben KampDark Horse Tech

    “We bought into ConnectWise PSA where every feature required a granular and complex setup. FocusPlanIT expedited our implementation tremendously and taught us how to manipulate it to our liking. What would have taken 3 to 5 years took one.

    FocusPlanIT solved many problems and provided us with the foundation to support ourselves in this adventure that is ConnectWise PSA.

    With every door opened, every module added, Connectwis Manage had a litany of granular configuration options. FocusPlanIT made the discovery and implementation of these modules simple and expedited the use of these modules to give us a state of the art ticketing system.

    What we liked best about the services FocusPlanIT provided is that they did not just engage the tools in ConnectWise PSA, but instead methodically demonstrated what was done to achieve our goals. That provided a solid foundation to carry on with the platform on our own. Though we still have hours available through our original plan, we are preserving them for our next module implementation. Otherwise we’re able to manipulate the software in a way that suits our needs and based on a framework produced by FocusPlanIT that we trust.”

    Todd GatesHCS Technical Services

    “Griffin Technology Group implemented ConnectWise PSA in 2016 and were fortunate enough to get to work with Bill Black as our integrator. Moving beyond, it was challenging for us to gain and maintain the expertise to properly manage and maintain our CWM system, so we found Bill again at FocusPlanIT and were excited to commit to their assistance with our systems.

    The FocusPlanIT team has been extraordinarily helpful with so many areas that we weren’t even aware needed assistance, from operational issues (workflow & service board design) to position descriptions (with in-depth assessment discussion/design) to providing the direct ConnectWise PSA services that we had initially engaged for. Without having direct metrics to gauge the benefits, I can state that the value of working with FocusPlanIT is very high; we would not have been able to accomplish many of these goals without their help.

    I would absolutely recommend FocusPlanIT to any ConnectWise PSA users, as well as any small businesses, specifically MSPs or IT service organizations, as their history, experience and expertise in these areas- not to mention that they’re very flexible and easy to work with. Our schedule can be very challenging at times, and Bill and his team have always been extremely accommodating for all of our needs.”

    John D. GriffinGriffin Technology Group

    “We connected with FocusPlanIT because we found the time our team was spending on ConnectWise changes and issues was costing our company more than hiring Bill and his team

    In addition, our management issues, and overall management costs have gone down. Most notable is the purchase order process, equipment ordering and tracking have been streamlined.

    What we liked best about FocusPlanIT was that the response times are low, the staff is knowledgeable and they were able to provide the guidance we needed to utilize more of the ConnectWise software and processes. This has led to increased satisfaction with the management tool with our team members.

    In a nutshell, Bill and his team are a gem for our operation.”

    Frank SaulsberyCEO, Network Solutions Unlimited

    “We met Bill at an event and began a conversation about how we were (or weren’t) correctly using our ConnectWise PSA setup. This led us to sign up for FocusPlanIT’s service. Bill’s team went through ours etup with us — tweaked it — and enlightened our thought process moving forward.

    FocusPlanIt solved our problem by getting the system setup for success, which allowed us to get past the inefficiencies that we had setup from the beginning. Bill and the team were very easy to work with. They took the time when we had a question to lead us down the path that we should be using, and why a thought was flawed.

    When we originally worked with the team we were focused specifically on Manage. We have since hired some new staff and have come back to have them go through our Sell instance to get that piece going for us.

    I highly recommend the team at Focus PlanIT! They know what they are doing and know the industry.”

    John DouglassPresident, Pileus Technologies

    “Working with FocusPlanIT has been a transformative experience.

    We had been ConnectWise PSA users for over 3 years but largely self-taught through trial and error, and one-off videos through University. We needed help, and also needed to seek out a consultant for Automate. FocusPlanIT was one of the first referrals that came up — and you solved our problems! We are fully enabled now to use Manage, and to make our practice much more effective.

    Our Automate and Manage implementations are fully integrated, allowing us to stay on top of real-time issues with our managed assets. We can also now better organize our workflow through tickets that come in through automate as in taking tickets through email. What I liked best about your services is that, ultimately, that you had a plan that you customized for the engagement. We were able to go through that plan at a pace that worked for us. In fact, I had a general expectation of getting a lot of knowledge, but the unexpected component is what it has done for our business process.

    I’d also like to share a few results of having hired FocusPlanIt to work with us.

    Patient attention to our needs allowed us to learn more in two months than we had in all three years of using Manage. We recommend this to both new and current Subscribers alike, as the best practices that are taught can vastly speed up a practice’s maturity level. In the end, our work is all about the best use of time, and this consulting has given us a lot of time back that we can now put toward moving our business forward.”

    James WrightExecutive IT