TopLeft: A Complimentary Program To ConnectWise

TopLeft a company we partner with has launched a software program that provides an overlay to ConnectWise. It allows the user to visualize their work to understand project progress, accelerate helpdesk dispatch, identify neglected tasks, and remove the bottlenecks that slow down your team. The best part about it? It Integrates seamlessly with ConnectWise.

A Enhanced ConnectWise User Experience

Are you a visual learner? By using TopLeft: a complimentary program To ConnectWise you have the opportunity to see tickets and projects without getting lost in the details. The professionals at FocusPlanit can implement TopLeft into your existing ConnectWise program.

You can watch as tickets, projects, and opportunities move across the boards. The position on the board indicates how the work is progressing in the team’s pipeline. You have the ability to drag and drop cards to indicate their status and importance compared to other cards.

See how work is distributed by grouping cards according to project, assigned technician, type, or other properties.

 Avoid Unnecessary Work Cycles

So many times, miscommunication causes unnecessary work cycles. Integrating the TopLeft program with ConnectWise allows managers to plan and monitor projects and tasks and engineers use it to understand priorities and indicate progress.

By working with an MSP like FocusPlanit to leverage all the necessary tools, you can ensure your systems run smoothly and help integrate software to maximize their use into your daily processes, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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