Running an Efficient and Effective Organization

Running an Efficient and Effective Organization

Businesses everywhere now more than ever are experiencing pressures to run an efficient and effective organization with limited resources. It is critical business processes and operations are designed in a way that limits bottlenecks, reduces duplicative efforts, and improves processing time. It is critical organizations effectively use technology to automate and streamline processes across the organization with tools like ConnectWise. By becoming more efficient and effective the organization can devote its time and resources to delivering the services their customers rely on.

Current State: What’s Broken

Organizations evaluating efficiency and effectiveness often struggle to answer these types of questions:

Are our processes and policies aligned to industry best practice?

Are our operating procedures streamlined?

Do we leverage our current technology to automate processes?

Do we duplicate any steps in our processes, creating waste and inefficiency?

Do we have an internal system for managing time effectively?

Do we have an effective system for account management of existing and potential clients?

Future State: A Plan for Improvement

If you are not happy with the answers to the above questions, a process review can help you determine the next course of action. You will need a qualified partner to help you get on track to an efficient and effective operations. You will need to identify current state versus future desired state

This review will provide you with three key insights:

  1. A strategy to meet your business goals.
  2. Identify the right structure and necessary tools needed to keep your office running smoothly.
  3. Leverage support in your sales processes, your operational systems, and your finance tools.

Each division of your organization should be evaluated, including sales processes, operations and finance. This will ensure that the final plan ensures all areas of the organization will be streamlined for efficiency and effectiveness. Optimize your systems and change it from an expense into your most valuable asset.

Sales processes include: quoting, sales management, sales reporting, product catalogs, opportunity management, leads management, procurement, and sales orders.

Operations include: automation, service desk, dispatching, project management, time management, scheduling, RMM integration, KPI reporting, SLA management, vendor management, relationship management, and onboarding.

Financial systems include: invoicing, tools in place like QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, etc., agreements, reporting, payment collection integrations, purchase orders, expense management, product catalog management.

Increasing your organizational efficiency and effectiveness means you will increase the productivity you can achieve, given your specific number of resources. The more output delivered using those same resources, the more efficient your organization will be. Sounds simple but without the help of a consulting partner like FocusPlanit can you spend valuable time “spinning your wheels”.

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